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5 Noteworthy Advices on How to Stop You From Procrastinating

Hi procrastinator! How are you doing? What tasks have you “put on hold” today? Well, some of you who happened to read this article may be a big procrastinator. But don’t worry, as you continue to read this, I hope you will gain the confidence to tackle your “paused” assignments.

First thing first, you don’t have to feel sad or sorry to yourself since it’s not totally your fault to be a procrastinator. Don’t ever think that procrastination is the same as laziness, they are totally different. Procrastination is actually an active process! Why? Because you choose to do something else (less important) other than the task that you should be doing. But still, it is considered bad for you as young people. Procrastination is a form of seduction from the dark side. You will lose your focus on what is important.

Moreover, this act of delaying is sometimes unconsciously performed which will affect your future! Let’s change to be better by leaving this useless human trait. Here are 5 noteworthy advices on how to stop you from procrastinating.

1. Free Yourself From Distractions

Be aware! Distraction can be in any form! It can be your gadgets, your siblings, your parents, or others. If you want to stay focused, it is recommended to lock yourself down or isolate yourself. You can go to your room, put on headphones, play music with no lyric, put away your phone and don’t forget to inform people in the house that you want to focus on something. Or you can also go to a cafe where no one knows you. The important thing you need to take note of is that you also have to be aware of your surroundings when you do this “high-level seclusion”.

2. Plan For Yourself

After you are secluded and far from any distractions, make a plan on what you are going to do! This step is for you to break down the big task into small chunks orderly. Focus on the first chunk, finish it, and then move to the next. This strategy is also to overcome the usual reason why people do procrastinate, that is they don’t know where to start. By knowing what you are going to do clearly, your mind can be more focused.

3. Keep on Track of The Time

You have to know the deadline for your tasks. By knowing so, you can decide to work and to break. For example, you got an assignment to make a summary of 5 chapters from a book and should be submitted next week. You can do the summary one chapter for one day. Regarding time, you also have to know that people’s paces are different from one another. So, you don’t have to look and copy your friend’s pace but you have to set your own pace.

4. Inform Your Mom

Find and ask your ally to accompany you in your journey through the tasks and assignments. It can be your Mom or your friend who you think can support you any time. The person you ask to accompany your journey will gladly remind you about your goal so that you can’t hurt their feelings by slacking off or procrastinate. When you finally take out the “last boss” and the journey is over, you can celebrate your “heroic triumph” with those who have been there from the start to support you.

5. Literally Doing It

As everything is perfectly set, it is the time to do the first task from the chunks you have made and try to finish it on-time as you have set the time for it. Remember that the best plan is the plan that is worked and done.

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