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On frame (from left to right) : Hergianto from IGN, Aditya from IRB, Mr. Beka Ulung, Mr. Bambang Iriana, Mr.Emir, Ms.Dominique, Mr. Diovio and Mr.Achasanul

On 9th January 2020, IGN in collaboration with International Relations of Bina Nusantara University held the first IGN Talks with the theme “How Indonesia Membership in the UN Human Rights Council Could Strengthen The Human Rights Enforcement in Indonesia”.

The session opened with the opening remarks from Mr. Bambang Iriana Djajaatmadja, SH. LLM Director of Human Rights from The Ministry of Law and Human Rights Indonesia, Mr. Aditya Permana Lecturer of Binus University and Ms. Rima Widyasari as IGN representatives.

After listening to an incredible opening speech, it comes to the main agenda of IGN Talks where the speakers call out to come to the stages and deliver their presentation based on their areas of expertise. Mr. Achsanul Habib Deputy Director of Human Rights Ministry of Foreign Affairs Indonesia opened his presentation by correcting the common misconception about the membership of Human Rights Council (HRC) he said that it doesn’t mean when a country becomes a HRC member they role as “Human Rights Police”. In a nutshell, the HRC is a multilateral forum to discuss anything relating to human rights issues around the world. He also explained about the challenges in HRC those are : 1. Politicisation or Power Play and 2. Double Standard from the West.

The second speaker, from Human Rights Commission Indonesia Mr. Beka Ulung Hapsara, said that the infrastructure in development is not only for the economy growth yet it is the key implementation of Human Rights fulfilment where it’s to ensure education and health access for the citizen even in the remote or underdeveloped areas. Another speakers Mr. Diovio Alfath and Ms. Dominique Virgil from Sandya Institute explains more about the Human Rights of the refugees they shared how refugees should be helped to recover their life so they won’t be a “burden” for the transit country.

“The topic of this discussion is really fascinating, it is not like anywhere we can discuss this matter because the human rights issue in Indonesia is sensitive” -Mr. Achsanul Habib

Writer : Rima Widyasari

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