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Must Visit Destinations for Game of Thrones Fans – Part II

Many movies have set path for tourism trends throughout the years. Lord of the Rings popularized New Zealand, like countless movies did with New York. Recently. Game of Thrones have marked multiple places that were previously under the radar into the list of must visit destinations.

Our last article had covered Northern Ireland and Croatia as must visit for Game of Thrones fans considering how many memorable scenes were shot there. However, we are not done yet. Game of Thrones had introduced us to some of the most scenic places, from the Old Town of Dubrovnic to the coastline of Northern Ireland.

The series had also brought attention to Malta and Iceland, both having made significant appearance throughout seasons. Not sure yet as where to go? Keep reading.


We truly believe that Malta is a must visit for even non Game of Thrones fan. Beautiful weather meets wonderful landscape. The whole country is basically a Game of Thrones walkthrough. Start with the Mesquita Square in Mdina.

Mesquita Square you might recognize from the multiple scenes taking place at the Kings Landing. This is where all the shops and smiths are located. Also were Ned and his guards were dramatically attacked and captured by Jamie Lannister. Mesquita Square is a nifty medieval town with a peaceful atmosphere.

Moving on,  visit San Anton Palace, the official residence of the President of Malta, which you have seen in various scenes. This beautiful and well-preserved palace has cool scenic hallways also is adorned with an exotic garden. Gozo is an island off Malta that you can reach with ferry.

Here, you could visit the Azure Window, which you might recognize from the wedding scene between Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen. A beautiful rock formation overlooking the ocean you definitely should not miss.


Spain is undeniably charming place, and even more if you know the places you should go to. It also happens to be home to various wonderful locations Game of Thrones was shot.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Bermeo is among the most striking attraction Game of Thrones fans should not miss. It is a set of steps in the middle of an island. From afar, it looks like dragon scales, hence making it a key location in the series. Enjoy the thrill of exploring the island, while looking into the dark depth of the ocean on both sides.

The Roman ruins in Italica were used to shoot the notorious scene where the many head of kingdom negotiated their terms on the war against the White Walkers. The site itself is a charming ruin of marble stone against scenic background you certainly do not want to miss.

Seville has some of the most popular attractions for Game of Thrones fan. Alcazar of Seville is a palace that doubled as the house for the Martells. It has a stunning garden that constantly attract tourists from all over the world. Imagine colorful buildings along with tall palm trees. Beautiful!

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