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MUN Conference: Safe Way to Start Travelling the World

What is Model United Nations Conference?

Some of you may have already heard about Model United Nations (MUN). Model United Nations is a platform for young leaders to explore their knowledge and skills in leadership, negotiation, and diplomacy. This platform also let you speak your ideas and train your problem-solving skills to regarding a lot of issues that is happening in the world.

It is true that those statements above is the ultimate goals of this platform, but there are also a lot of other advantages that you can get by simply joining MUN. First, you will get a world level recognition in this opportunity. MUN participants come from a lot of country and background. Just standing there and presenting your ideas, you will be known by a lot of other young leaders.

Another advantage is the network you will get. In MUN conferences, you can meet other young leaders and befriend them to expand your network and connections. Most of them have this same idea in mind, so it will become easier for you, who have the same idea, to get along and form a good network. In the future, this good network and connection may have a positive impact for your life journey.

Last, but not least, is the opportunity to start travelling to a lot of country in the world. Have you ever considered this very reason to join MUN? Some participants in this platform may have considered it. Actually, making MUN conferences for your stepping stone to travelling around the world sounds like a legit and solid reason to participate in this platform. MUN conferences can also be considered one of the safest ways to travel because you are not exactly alone and your trip to the country will be known. So, how can we start? Go check this easy step by step to make your travelling dreams come true.

Check the Official Website of MUN

The official website of MUN usually give us a lot of information regarding the conferences that will be held in the near future. The information given provides the location, date, and other important information outside the conference such as the document needed or the accommodation and transportation. In this past few years, MUN conferences usually will be held in many countries, so you will get a lot of variations in your travelling journey.

You also can learn about MUN and other conferences that will be held in the future as many as you can by checking the website’s content. Make sure to understand how MUN works and the registration process from the very first step. By doing this, you are one step closer towards your dreams to travel around the world.

Do Some Research

Learning all the information that the website provides maybe not enough for some people. It will be a lot better for you to do some research and find the testimonies and stories that former MUN conferences’ delegates shared. Usually, the information they shared is more realistic than the one that available in the MUN website.

They could be sharing their experience from the very beginning of their MUN journey, such as the registration process and the acceptance and payments process. They also can could share their opinions about the MUN conferences and recommended it to their readers or viewers. Who knows, maybe their motive to join MUN in the first place is to travel around the world in the safest way possible.  

Prepare Your Necessities

Just like common travelling, you must prepare your necessity regarding especially your documents. You can start by checking your ID and passport and make sure that they are still valid to use minimal until the next year. If it is not valid, then you must renew your ID and passport. Complete this very basic necessity first before going to the next step or even preparing next necessity.

Plan Your Funding

MUN do fund your accommodations in the conference area during the conference, but MUN do not provide your flight, hotel room, and your transportation during the conference. MUN already do some work to make sure, at least, that you will be provided by the best service and experience with the amount you have to pay.

You can start saving your monthly allowance and your part time salary to pay that amount. If it is not enough, then it is time to search a third party that is willing to help you with your funding. You can start from your faculty and university. Some of the faculty and university have some fund relocation regarding the student’s activity. You can also start to apply a sponsorship proposal to several companies that have the fund relocation for education. It is possible to do because a lot of MUN participants have already did that.

Choose Your First Participation in MUN

MUN conferences usually will be held in a various country, thus make them sectioned their conferences per regional in the world. If you live in Asia, for example, you can start your MUN journey by joining Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) first which you can easily access at or Asia World Model United Nation at Both are considerably well-known MUN in Asia region for now. You can also find The European Model United Nation (TEIMUN) or NMUN if you live in North America.

There are two purposes of joining MUN conferences in your nearest location. First, it will give you time to understand more about how MUN conferences work. You will experience the atmosphere, the situation and context of the conferences, and it will help you to shape your determination to join another MUN conferences. Sometimes, you need just a little push to finally know what you want and what you need. Hopefully, this very first experience will provide the way for you to just do that.

The second purpose is, after you make sure that this is what you want, you can start befriending other delegates to enhance your network and connections. Why is it necessary to do this? Let’s imagine. If you decided that travelling around the world by joining MUN is the safest option for you, then you could have some helps form your friends. If you want to participate in The European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN), for example, you could inform your friends in some country in Europe that you befriend with before in your first MUN conference. Maybe, you could have all the information needed from this friend of yours that could help you prepare your journey better. You also can hang out with she/he if it is possible.

Prepare Visa if Needed

After choosing the place for your participation in MUN conferences, do some research on the country. To enter some country, sometimes you must get a visa. The highlight for this section it the process. Usually, it would take around two weeks for one visa, excluding the possibilities of held backs because of various reasons. So, it is advisable for you to start the process of getting visa as soon as you can. To make it easier, you can apply for a group visa with your friends. In some country, the group visa is available with a lower cost. Make sure to research your country’s rule first before applying.

The next thing to prepare, after all the documents, is the accommodations and transportation. The easiest and safest way to complete these necessities is joining the full accommodations offer that is available by MUN. It is limited, so make sure to grab it fast. If you want to spice things up a little bit, then try to book your flight and hotel rooms by yourself.

Prepare Your Flight Ticket

Flight ticket is one of the most expensive necessity when you decided to do some international travel. You have to do some work to get the best price for your wallet. The flight ticket usually at their highest place when it is on the holiday season. The distance from your country to your destination and the booking time also contributes to the price. You can avoid this by booking a flight from two or three months before the due date and make sure that it is not at the holiday season. You can also search the flight promo or discount by checking the flight tickets in the flight booking application such as Traveloka, Kayak, or Skyscanner to compare fares and find the best routines. Booking group ticket also can lower the price so do not forget to travel with your friends.

For the accommodations, you also can start searching by the hotel room booking application, so you can find the best price with all the facilities that you may needs. It is better to share your hotel rooms with your friends, so the cost will be lower. Another possible option is to stay overnight at your friend’s house, if they do not mind. Make sure that this option will be your last one.


So, it is possible for people, especially young leaders, to travel around the world by joining MUN conferences. It is one of the safest options you could get because you do not have to be alone to do it. You can do it with your friends form your country or maybe your other friends in the difference country. Make sure to know what you want and what you need, then go get to experience them now. Are you ready for your exciting MUN experience? Let us know in the comment!

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  1. Dear committee,

    I have really pleased to join this conference and i have received the email which is mentioned that i have selected to this conference. May i know Is this 320USD including air ticket also ? And how can i do the payment? If i get the payment details it would be grateful.

    Thank you
    Hiruni jayaratne

  2. My name is Omar V.D.Siryon from Monrovia, Liberia,W/Africa. am very happy to be accepted to participate for the coming conference but one thing confused me concerning the accommodation payment.I want for the committee to please explain to me in details how can I do payment?

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