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How Joining Model United Nations Can Help You Excel in College!

Benefiting from Model United Nations in Academics and Self-Improvement

Do you want to excel in your academics as well as your social life? Are you concerned about maximizing your education while building your network? Then you are not the only person facing this issue. The majority of students are struggling to find balance between academics, social lives, and caring for themselves.

It is deemed almost impossible to ace at one without sacrificing one or both other aspects. However, by joining Model United Nations not only will you learn skills valuable in your studies, you will also be connecting with people from all over the world.

You might be already familiar with Model United Nations, even shown interest in it. Unfortunately, many are deterred by the idea of participating in one driven by the assumption that Model United Nations is reserved for students with background in social sciences and humanity.

Which in reality, is not the case at all. United Nations as an institution consists of various bodies representing different fields and background, all working collectively towards greater good.

The same applies to Model United Nations. Students from any background of study can contribute their ideas while learning from others when trying to tackle global issues.

This too, is the aim of Asia Youth Model United Nations 2019. To gather the brightest minds from different countries in an exchange of idea and collective learning.

People are not exaggerating when they say joining Model United Nations changed their lives. It is not only helpful for decorating your CV but also a perfect opportunity for you to learn new skills, test your abilities, and build an expansive network. More importantly, all while having fun.

With Asia Youth Model Nations 2019 approaching, as avid Model United Nations participants have remarked, everyone could vastly benefit from joining a one at least once in their lifetime.

If you are still new to Model United Nations or still considering, here is one tip: instead of doubting whether you can do Model United Nations, think about what joining it can do for your future. Then, use it as a starting point to consider Model United Nations as means to achieve your goals.

If you are a student, here are skills Model United Nations can help you with in academics as well social setting:

Research and writing

When doing Model United Nations, you will be required to formulate an extensively researched position paper. Sometimes, in a very limited time.

Finding the right resources as well as using them to back your opinion is undeniably an important skill to help you through college. In the process, you will be more familiar with ways to conduct research as well as gaining knowledge on the assigned topic which you might use in the future.

For example, Asia Youth Model United Nations 2019 holds the theme of “Human Security Agenda in the Globalized World”. A highly salient issue across multiple fields of study. Regardless of your academic background, in depth knowledge in this issue could be of great value.

Writing is another valuable skill you hone when joining Model United Nations. Anyone can write. But to put ideas into structure in a concise and argumentative manner is a skill that you need to learn. This is where the time and effort you pour into writing position paper could benefit you.

Negotiation and Teamwork

Model United Nations is all about uniting ideas and goals, both require negotiation and teamwork skills. Luckily, both you can learn through participating in Model United Nations. You will be paired with other participant from all over the world.

Asia Youth Model United Nations for example has managed to bring together over a 1000 participants last year. Coming from over 70 countries, you will be faced with the additional challenge of dealing with various different background and perspective making it an even better opportunity to test your skills.

In Model United Nations, you will learn to communicate your ideas in a manner that is both persuasive yet respectful. You will be expected to be able to engage other group members by listening to their ideas and lobby for their support.

Model United Nations is not a competition where you need to outshine others. Your ability to deliver ideas as well as persuade others in a group is what makes you stand out.

The best delegates in Model United Nations are the ones who exhibit excellent people management skills. This skill is tested particularly when you are required to engage and  manage the different players in your group by incorporating perspectives of all allies.

Management skills are incredibly sought after especially workforce thus joining Model United Nations prepare you way ahead of others.

Public Speaking

It is not a secret anymore that among the key of leadership skills is public speaking. This is also the skill that helps you through presentations and interviews both in academics as well as in the workforce. However, public speaking is also widely dreaded even often underestimated.

By joining Model United Nations you will be constantly honing your public speaking skills. You will be required to speak in front of a big group of audience in an attempt to win their support. For many, this might seem like a nightmare. However, after doing this often enough you will realise that it becomes easier over time. Joining Model United Nations help foster self-confidence and cancels self-doubt.

Public speaking skills you picked up from Model United Nations can help you speak with confidence when delivering a presentation in class or trying to pass an interview. As Model United Nations often come with being questioned or even challenged, which also happens in both presentation as well as interviews, you will master the skill of tackle the two in a convincing manner.

Seeing Issues from Different Perspectives

In Model United Nations you will be required to view issues from various perspectives in order to gain thorough understanding. The end goal is to come up with unique and innovative solutions for the issue at hand. You will be constantly thinking on your feet and engage in creative thinking process. Instead of relying on past solutions, you will have to synthesize your idea with others to create collaborative solutions.

Human security which is the theme for the upcoming Asia Youth Model United Nations for example, can be analyzed from different perspectives. Engaging with students from various backgrounds will give you insight on how security is perceived across fields of studies.

The ability to critically analyze an issue comes in handy at almost any situation in life, not just in your studies. Seeing issues from different perspectives allows you to see the bigger picture of any obstacle and formulate a solution that others might not even think of.

Interpersonal Skills

As we have said before, Model United Nations is an excellent opportunity to branch out your network. Visionary minds from all over the world will be gathering together, giving you the chance to build substantial relations with many people.

When you are not busy negotiating or formulating position papers, Model United Nations also consists of socializing events where you can network with fellow participants. Once the barrier of cultural background had been overcome, you will realise that you have more in common than you thought.

Asia Youth Model United Nations has managed to bring a growing number of participants each year. Starting with 600 delegates in 2017, which later became over 1000 in 2018, it is expected to only grow this year. As you can imagine, the large number of participants breed an opportunity for friendships from whom you can learn and grow with.

The ability to adapt with new people in new settings is extremely valuable. In a constantly more globalized world, we will be interacting with people from just about every corner of the world. Initially, it is often shocking for many, however Model United Nation prepares you for this trend.

All the skills above will assist you throughout college and even in the workforce. That alone, should be enough to motivate you for joining Asia Youth Model United Nations 2019. One of the most prestigious and recognized events in its league. Delegates from former Asia Youth Model United Nations have remarked on how the event had not only helped them gain confidence but also allowed them to learn from other cultures as well as become unofficial ambassadors for their countries.

To sum it up, if you are a visionary person who wants to excel in academics as well as social life while addressing global concerns, then Model United Nations is your perfect platform. Asia Youth Model United Nations 2019 in particular helps address the growing concern over global security issues which involves a wide range of stakeholders. You too can have your ideas heard and make a difference in the world!

For more information on the event and how to apply, head to the official website at

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