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Public Speaking for Career

How Student Can Build A Better Career by Learning Public Speaking

The 7 Ways That Learning Public Speaking Would Help Your Future

A lot of us spend most of our time in school trying to be the perfect academic: answering questions perfectly in quizzes, handing in papers and homeworks in time, getting top scores in exams and all. We believe that getting straight A’s was enough to propel us to our dream jobs, the truth is, it’s not.

Our world is moving really fast, and so does the people in it. Even when we think we have all the knowledge or the skills needed for those jobs that we dreamed of, we are competing against so many others who might have the same–or maybe even better–skills that we have.

Even though being skilful or knowledgeable is already a good feat, there is one skill that would help you even better in your future career. That one skill is the ability to do public speaking. A lot of us might prefer writing our thoughts down, or would rather do technical or physical jobs that requires little speaking. However, learning public speaking would definitely help push your career prospects for the better, no matter the line of work your dream job might be.

Here are the seven ways learning public speaking would help in building your future career:

It’s how you articulate your thoughts

In any working environment, you would definitely need to communicate your thoughts and ideas, either to your colleagues or to your higher-ups. You might be required to do a presentation in meetings, or negotiate with a client, or even do project briefings in your job. Whether you’re a team member or a team leader, communication is obviously an important key to do your job well. And that is one of the reason why mastering the art of public speaking is needed, because how else would you convey your ideas?

It shows your level of understanding on your work

As explained in the previous point, communicating your ideas is something inevitable in any line of work. Being articulate and able to get your point across in meetings shows that you really know what you’re talking about. It will help you earn the respect and trust of the people working with you, because it emphasizes your commitment and shows that you are not doing this work half-heartedly, since you did your research first.

It differentiates you from your peers

Having an extra skill where you can show how knowledgeable and how committed you are to your work will of course put you on a different light from others that aren’t able of public speaking. This would help you stand out from others and would push your career prospects better in the future.

It helps you think faster

When you learn public speaking, you’d know that you might need to do research first before presenting your ideas. You would also need to make outlines of your speech to help you convey your ideas better and persuade people better. However, there would be moments where you won’t have time to prepare yourself or do a proper brainstorming before speaking in front of people. Mastering public speaking would help you think faster on your feet on moments like this, which, of course, would be another plus point for your career.

It makes you smarter

Since you’re required to do research, plan, make outlines, and practice before speaking or presenting your ideas, you would definitely be a step smarter than before. Those extra knowledge you get would not only help you communicate your ideas, it will also help you find the most effective way to persuade your listeners into agreeing with your suggestions.

It will help you impress others

An articulate, knowledgeable, and also adaptable person on the job would of course be an impressive one, and your higher-ups would definitely not miss this point. Once you really master public speaking, it will be really easy to impress others through your words and ideas. Impressing others will not only help you gain respect from your colleagues, but also shows a great potential for you to be promoted later on.

It boosts your confidence

Most people would say that they aren’t confident enough to speak in front of others. However, learning public speaking would definitely boosts your confidence. It will help you practice being confident in front of people. Honestly speaking, when you have done your research before doing a presentation and are absolutely sure about what you’re talking of, the only reason for you to not be confident is because you’re not used to speaking in front of people. Learning public speaking will help you quash the anxiety from being the center of attention.

At the end of the day, learning public speaking would definitely help you immensely in building your future career. By learning this skill, you would have an extra ammunition to move in the competitive world we’re living in right now. And honestly, you wouldn’t want to pass on such opportunity, would you?

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  1. This is so true that ” public speaking can change you so much” . I’m a stage performer who’s Passion is speaking louder and louder in the crowd and I even want people to come up with this skill.

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