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Deadline Application : now – 2 March 2021
Time Periods of Internship : 2 – 6 months

Hello young future leaders!

The United Nations is calling all youths around the world to join the internship program in Turkey. This internship is open for applicants in the area of ” Multimedia Editing” and “Communications”. 

United Nations is the world’s leading organization focusing on bringing development and prosperity to less developed regions of the world. Working with the UN is not just a great learning experience, it is also one of the best additions you could make to your CV.


  1. Applicants must in the final year of ther Undergraduate degree
  2. Applicants must be enrolled in graduate school program 
  3. Must have graduated from university and should begin their Internship within one year after graduation
  4. Fluent written and spoken in English 
  5. Applicants who able speak one of United Nations’ official language are highly being considered.


  1. Widen the network with people from all across the globe
  2. Best addition to your cv
  3. Working with number 1 organizations will expand your experience and opportunities for your future career.

Responsibilities For The Intern

  1. •Performs desktop publishing to produce a variety of print material and publications, using relevant computer systems and software applications.
  2. •Assists in the layout and preparation of information materials.
  3. •Reviews and/or edits scripts and storylines, creates and edits animations as per requirements and prepares presentations with raw designs to clients, using relevant software and techniques.
  4. •Creates models, drawings and illustrations by hand or electronically.
  5. •Develops storyboards for the initial stages of production, using creativity and artistic techniques to tell a story or provide information in visual form.
  6. •Joins images with background graphics and special effects and ensures synchronization of frames and audio
  7. •Assists with scheduling of various components of the production process, e.g. copy and proofreading, graphics, translation services, typesetting, printing, etc.
  8. •Liaises with relevant parties on project specifications and approval of mechanicals for dispatch, etc.
  9. •Tracks and monitors production flow to ensure that deadlines are met.
  10. •Performs other related work as required., including drawing paintings, computer animation, info-graphic and printmaking design, books illustrations, creative writing, technical art, installations and photography.

After all the requirements, are you qualified to follow the selection of doing United Nations Internship in Turkey? Give yourself a try!

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