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2020 Fortis Fellowship

Looking for fellowship activity? Here we provide you with information about the 2020 Fortis Fellowship. Hosted by Future Leaders Foundation in USA, this 3-year program is looking for great university students from around the world!

If you are the first child who attends university or you have difficulty upon education funds, then this fellowship is intended for you. Moreover, there are other eligibilities for you to be chosen:

  • 22 year old or younger
  • Currently enrolled in 2nd year of an undergraduate program in any subject
  • Record of academic excellence in university
  • Proven leadership abilities through self-started initiatives, or leadership positions on campus or in your community
  • Resilience demonstrated by overcoming hardship
  • Record of altruistic initiatives
  • Competitive candidates also demonstrate: strong ethics, altruism, charisma, and global ambition

The host will do the screening upon your application. The screening will look at your potentiality to grow into an outstanding global leader in your field and your record of your positive activities as a youth. If you pass the strict first screening, you will be presented to the Fortis Society’s Cooptation Council. If you are successfully co-opted, you will be inducted into the Fortis Society!

Feeling challenged? Apply it before 26th March 2020 by clicking its official website below:

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