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Turn the Tables by Eliminating Your Fear in Public Speaking Through this Platform!

Public speaking has the power to turn one man’s vision into a global mission.

Facing Fear is All About Managing Mindsets

Have you ever felt nervous when speaking in public? Were you sweating, trembling, or did you stutter along the way? Well, that is normal! A lot of people are afraid to speak in public. Many think that public speaking will strengthen your fear of the stage, but the truth is: public speaking will gain you confidence.

Think about the impact; not only for your surroundings, but also for yourself. Public speaking is not only about empowering others, but also empowering one’s self. Just Imagine how easy public speaking will be if you successfully control your difficulties. Fear is all about managing your mindset–turning your “I can’t” into your “I can”.

There is more to public speaking than just a self-confidence booster. Almost every job requires public speaking skills. Other than that, there are more reasons why you should have public speaking skills.

  • Improving speaking, communication, and diplomacy skills.
  • Expanding social and professional connections.
  • A big step to learn the art of debating and negotiating.
  • And most importantly, INSPIRE others!

Those are not all!

From gaining public speaking skills, you will also learn and develop other valuable skills, such as critical thinking, organization, performance skills, leadership, and so on.

Best Platform to Fight Your Fear

These days, a lot of aspiring youths all over the globe contribute to making the world a better place by voicing their ideas in a platform called Model United Nations (MUN). This MUN platform gives people the chance to express what they have in their minds for the betterment of the world. You will have the honor to present your thoughts in front of the brightest minds.

MUN will surely give you the journey of a lifetime. In MUN, you will be given the opportunity to collaborate your ideas with other people who are just as interested in the field and as passionate as you. From one another, you will conquer obstacles and grow together to become a better person.

One example of MUN, called AYIMUN (Asia Youth International Model United Nation) 2019 will be the right platform for you to speak up. This year, AYIMUN 2019 focuses on “Human Security Agenda in the Globalized World”. It has more than 13000 registrants and you also can register in case you are interested on this link:

Step Outside the Box!

If you have ideas that you want to express about this issue, it is time to stop thinking outside the box. Instead, it is time to start stepping outside the box!

“…you can join to be a participant in this event, so that  it can save your character as a better person and strengthen your ability to be a speaker, to be a leader in the future”

—Brando Edwin Yumame, Indonesia, AYIMUN 2018 delegate

If you dare to dream, you dare to inspire. Be the agent of change, be the voice of youth, be the representative of the world…

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take a step to become better person, deliver your thoughts to the world with Model United Nations?

The world is waiting for YOU to make a change! Eliminate your fear and prepare yourself for!

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