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Does Discipline Equal Freedom?

Discipline is everywhere

There is an abundant of resources available detailing discipline; how to define it, how to obtain it, or debating its importance. Motivational quotes and speeches are widely circulating for anyone in need of a quick lift.

From these examples, it is enough to draw the conclusion that mankind places an immense sense of importance on discipline. Not only is it the key to success, discipline is also the way to live.

However, while discipline holds such an important role in our lives, it is also without doubt that discipline is incredibly hard to obtain, hence the many tutorials and hacks.

We are said to not be wired to endure hardship, the trait that follows discipline. That the brain is hardwired to seek comfort and easy routes. All the above which makes discipline an even more valuable trait.

Discipline and freedom

Discipline, the ability to navigate through challenges undeterred while remaining focused is not a trait everyone is born with. In fact, like the muscles on our body, the discipline that exists within our mind is something that we need to constantly train and shape.

We all have the same 24 hour every day. However, the way we use it varies from one person to another. Under that assumption alone, most of us are free to pursue what we want in our lives. And more often than not, we want the same thing. We want freedom. Or the ability to do what we want.

We want freedom to exercise our hobbies and better ourselves. We want freedom to buy the things not only we need but also we want. All these should not be a problem if we knew how to exercise discipline.

Because contrary to what most people believe, discipline and freedom do not exist on the opposite end of the spectrum. The latter is a result of the former. So what does it mean when we say that discipline equals freedom?

Discipline is not only about self-constraint. It is about allocating time and thought appropriately where they belong. Now as an example, financial freedom, the ability to purchase according to one’s wants is a result of discipline. You spend your money carefully, deliberately avoiding purchases that are motivated by short term, mindless temptations.

As a result, you have accumulated enough money to buy the larger things that cost more, possibly benefit you more, and guarantee longer term satisfaction. The same applies to the freedom to use one’s time.

With the many distractions we encounter on our day to day lives, we unwillingly and unconsciously spend time we could have allocated for being more productive to mindless indulgences.

From the second we wake up, waiting between tasks, and every free time we have we instinctively grab for our electronic devices, In the end of the day, without realizing it, we have spent more time than we would like simply scrolling down our screens.

How it works

As much as we would like there to be a hack for instant discipline, there is no shortcut for it. As we said before, like muscle, discipline needs to be trained. Every day is an opportunity for you to plan meticulously and execute it. Just as we first start doing sports, being disciplined is guaranteed to be met with an immense sense of discomfort.

However, it is our responsibility to push through under the premise that there is greater gain to be garnered in the end. After all, it is beyond the pain that greatness exists.

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