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Celebrations of Cultures worth Travelling For

The world is full of beautiful and exciting wonders worth seeing. It is not only landmarks and natural sceneries that people travel for. There is also plenty of celebrations of culture around the world that you will never encounter elsewhere. Here is our pick for top celebrations to look out for:

Rio Carnival, Brazil

If there is one thing Brazil is most famous for, it would have been its carnivals, especially the Rio Carnival. What started as a pagan festival in celebration of the gods in the 15 century has now become the biggest carnival in the world attracting roughly two million people per day. Each year the Carnival starts on Friday and ends on Ash Wednesday.

The highlights being music and dancing, especially Samba, the traditional Brazilian dance with African influences. In fact, samba becomes the main attraction of the carnival by being incorporated into Sambodromo, the samba schools competition being attended by thousands of dancers. Additionally, the city will also be lit with drinking, dancing, and partying in every corner.

Holi Festival, India

We should probably dub Holi Festival as the most instagramable celebration in the world. Imagine people being doused in colorful powder. Definitely a celebration not to miss. Holi Festival itself celebrates the victory of good over evil as well as the end of winter and marking the start of spring. This is also where it has earned its name from, also known as the festival of colors, Holid signifies Lord Krishna’s liking of pranking young children by drenching them with water and colors.

The festival is celebrated after the day of full moon in March in India. Holi Festival begins by rituals in front of a large bonfire that includes dancing and singing. Be aware that a local substance called bhang that contains cannabis is also consumed and could in some cases cause people to act out.

Running of the Bulls, Spain


This celebration calls for all adrenaline junkies! Imagine being chased through the streets of Pamplona by a bull, if that does not get your heart pumping already then we don’t know what will. This is undoubtedly not something for the lighthearted and is best to be performed with utmost caution. Aside from being chased by bulls, this carnival in one of Spain’s most historic cities also has a parade of giant figures. Every year the running of the bulls is held from July 6 to July 14.

Songkran, Thailand


Probably Thailand’s most famous festival, Songkran marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. Water is the most important aspect in Songkran, so be prepared to be soaked. People will splash anyone in their vicinity, using buckets or water pistols.

The celebration will last for two days, also accompanied with visits to family, temples, and generally cleaning the house in welcoming the new year. Good news is that the celebration can be enjoyed throughout the country. Be aware that indecent clothing can be subject to fine, thus be considerate in your choice of clothing.

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