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5 Reasons Why Culture Shock is Good for You

Have you ever feeling of uncertainty, confusion or anxiety when you visiting or living in a society that different with yours.

Don’t be afraid! in fact, experiencing culture shock is a very positive thing for you. Because it gives you the opportunity to learn new thing, teaches you how to think on your own feet to adapt to a new culture.

Here are 5 reasons why culture shock is good for you :

1. Shape your personality

Experiencing culture shock will shape your personality significantly survive during periods of loneliness and unfamiliarity, and develop a thicker skin. even unfamiliar environment can be scary, uncomfortable, and confusing. those moment shape who you are as a person.

2. Learning a New Language

Experiencing culture shock by coming into contact with a new language, and will force you to adapt and learn a new language. learning a language in class is quite different than immersing yourself in a new culture. language and thought are connected. by learning a new language, you will gain an opportunity to think differently as well

3. Expand Your Circle of Friends

When you become more comfortable, you will be able to expand your circle of friends to include people from all over the world. Meeting new people and fostering friendships with others is one of the best things you will get when you traveling or living abroad.  

4. Exciting and Liberating Experience

You should never be afraid of culture shock because getting to know an entirely new culture is a tremendously exciting and liberating your experience. in the new society, you will get an opportunity to see you may not see before. and experiencing by doing something that you can’t do in your hometown.

5. Experiencing culture shock will teach you a valuable lesson

Experiencing culture shock teach you the value that this world is a small place, and that despite our differences, we are all similar and interconnected. Even there’s a difference in the culture, ethnic and language we all share similar admiration to share our love, enjoy what we do and earn a good living.

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