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The YSEALI Regional Workshop: Advocacy and Strategic Communications 2020

Do you put your concern about human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and environmental conservation? If you do, then you can speak up your ideas on The YSEALI Regional Workshop: Advocacy and Strategic Communications 2020!

What is that?
The workshop will bring together individuals, organizations, and entities who are working on anti-wildlife trafficking, anti-human trafficking, and environmental conservation issues. By joining this workshop, it is expected for the participants to get knowledge, resources, expertise and technological tools to bring the collective impact and unify solutions in the ASEAN region.

Mark your calendar on 22nd – 26th June 2020 in Sabah, Malaysia.

This workshop is for those who :

  1. Are a member of YSEALI. If you are not already a member, you can apply here
  2. Reside in or citizens of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, or Timor-Leste.
  3. Aged between 22 – 35 year old
  4. Have at least one year of experience working in communications particularly on Anti-Human Trafficking, Anti-Wildlife Trafficking or Environmental Conservation; (two – three years experience is ideal)
  5. Proficient in reading, writing and speaking English (TOEFL exam results not required).
  6. Able to participate in all 5 days of the Workshop (June 22-26, 2020); If you are coming from a smaller airport, you will need to plan for additional travel days before and after the above dates.
  7. Are committed to sharing your work and impact on the ADVOCASEA platform.

For the chosen participants will get full accommodation including flight tickets, local transportation, hotel, meals, and health also accident insurance in Sabah, Malaysia. 

Enroll yourself via this link here, for more information visit its website here.

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