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Bow Seat Ocean Awareness International Student Contest 2020

Deadline : June 15th, 2020

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness calling out students ages 11-18 from all over the world to participate in the art making with a theme :  Climate Hope : Transforming Crisis. 

The program engaged in Visual Art, Film, Music, Poetry, Prose ,and Interactive & Multimedia. So if you are interested in those options of competitions above, you might not let the opportunity slip away. 

About Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Program :

The global Ocean Awareness Contest is a platform for young people to learn about ocean issues through art-making and creative communication, and where teens can explore their relationship to a changing world and become advocates for environmental action. Students ages 11-18 from all over the world are invited to participate.

The 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest is a call for young artists, conservationists, makers, thinkers, and activists who are concerned about the future of our blue planet. Join thousands of youth around the world in our annual program that raises awareness about the climate crisis and potential solutions, uplifts youth voices for ocean conservation, and inspires hope and action through art, creative media, and storytelling.

Who can participate ?

Students ages 11-18 from around the world are invited to participate in the Ocean Awareness Contest. Enter the division based on your age at the time of entry:

  • Junior Division: Age 11-14
  • Senior Division: Age 15-18

Students can participate as an individual or as a club, class, or group of any size. All students must also provide the contact information for an Adult Sponsor (teacher, parent, mentor, etc.).

Benefits : 

  • Gain knowledge about a critical issue facing your generation: dive into Bow Seat’s NEW Resource Studio to learn more about climate change and our oceans, explore solutions being created all over the world, and find resources for taking action in your community.
  • Build your portfolio and make art in your preferred medium, or practice a new creative skill! Add to your resume with a global participation certificate.
  • Develop 21st Century skills in communication, critical thinking, creativity, and advocacy. Use your artwork to raise awareness of the most important issue facing our blue planet.
  • Join Bow Seat’s global community of 12,000+ young people who care about our ocean and climate action, and be represented in an international digital activation experience. Be inspired by the work of other young creators around the world.
  • Earn cash awards and scholarships of up to $1,500.

Submission Process : 

□ Your contact information

□ Your submission (Art, Film, Interactive & Multimedia, Music, Poetry, Prose)

□ A title for your submission

□ Your written reflection

□ Works cited (if applicable): List of sources for any ideas, quotes, or facts used that are not your own

□ Contact information for an adult sponsor (required for all participants)

□ Parent/guardian consent (required if under 13 years old). Click here for more information about parent/guardian consent.

Attention : 

Please review all submission requirements carefully. Students may submit one entry per category, meaning that you may enter up to six pieces, one in each category. If you submit more than one entry in a category (for example, two poems), additional entries will not be counted or judged.

So, youth leaders, if you want to participate in this competition, you may read all the details in the official website at

Click here for the online application :

Good luck, Folks!

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