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2020 International Essay Contest for Young People (Fully-Funded)

4 thoughts on “2020 International Essay Contest for Young People (Fully-Funded)”

  1. I am interested to become a mentor because of my enthusiastic mind in the field of Development of Global youth leadership sector. Which enthusiasm acts my mind from Childhood time. As s result now I am an Expert in public Speaking section. I am able to prove myself in numerous platform as a English speaker, English debater etc.

    From those Experience today i am Almost successful Entrepreneur in the online base institutions. For those identity i was invited different Programme Five more times as A successful Expert or As a mentor. My online base institutions like

    1.Founder and president Blooming Science and Technology ( Astronomical Research institutions which Follower existence with almost 60+ countries people)

    2. Founder of GCCF-Global climate change Foundation. ( As a climte Activists which is also belongs to 50+ Countries people)

    3. Founder Of World Human peace Forum (As a Human rights activist which is also belongs to 45+ Countries people)

    4. Founder of Psychological Diverse Universe ( As a psychologist which is also Belongs to 40+ Countries people)

    I am also selected Delegate of MUN conference 10 more times those conference were about Global Youth leadership and Global networking. Those conference were held Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand Etc. But it is a matter of great sorrow that is i was not able to be a participant for single time lackings of Economic support. because Where existing visa processing and conference accommodation cost. But after all i was a perticipant As delegate Of National youth Assembly 2019, Bangladesh.

    I have been act as a mentor Numerous platform Hopefully from above activities which gave clear message about me.

    Currently I am also Vice president of Feni Zila students Welfare Association, University of Chittagon. Also activists of social Welfare Organisation like
    1-“Volentear for Bangladesh”
    2- Prottoy social Foundation

    I have completed Third language (German) course From Institute of Modern language at University of Chittagong .

    From above Experience Now which give clear message that is i want to be a unbeaten Global leader by which world future ameliorate dramatically. That’s why i want to collaborate with International Global Network as A Mentor.

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