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Change the World by Mastering Networking Skill

Find a way to maximize your networking potential.

Why Networking is Super Important

Networking is a key soft skill. Many individuals have attributed their personal and success on their ability to network. Networking and the development of good contacts can generate a variety of opportunities.

Why you should have networking skill?

  • Exchange fresh ideas
  • Allows you to help others
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Open doors to new opportunities!

Want to take it to another level of networking? Have an international networking with people around the world. Building an international networking skill will help you to create innovation to solve world’s problems. Not only that, having friends half across the world will make you easier to exchange information on how to make your dreams to change the world happen.

Benefits of Having International Networking

In case you are curious how networking matters to you, take note at these important points:

  • Learn more about cultural diversities
  • Improve communication skill
  • Get inspired to solve the world problems
  • New opportunities to create something big and make an impact!

It’s never too early or too late to invest in your network. The best way to improve your networking skills is to put yourself out there and give it a try. In fact, the worst networking mistake you can make is not trying at all!

So, how can you attain networking in international level?

The Most Effective Options to Build Networking

Along with other things to develop, such as English language skill, you need to figure out certain ways to find a good strategy make your effort to actual result.

Here are what you can do:

  • Participate in every opportunity your program abroad provides
  • Take initiative and seek out social events
  • Stay connected after returning home
  • Avoid the treacherous comfort zone

Seems like it will take some time, but no worries, you can do those things all at once and fast! Take your action in our this program we are going to tell you to build an international networking.

Best Platform to Build Networking

Model United Nations (MUN) is the probably one of the best answer you’re looking for. In case you never heard of it, it is an academic simulation of United Nations where participants play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to the solve real global issues with the policies and perspectives of your assigned country.

Participants of MUN assume the roles of representatives of member states of the United Nations and consider items from the vast agenda of the United Nations. It is a “learning by doing” method of studying the United Nations. There are a lot of great MUN conference you can consider attending, such as Asia Youth International Model United Nation or so-called AYIMUN, a renowned Model United Nation in Asia.

If you love challenges and want to be a better version of you together with other youths of the world, AYIMUN 2019 is most probably the perfect solution for those who want to be the change makers. Every motivated individuals can easily try to join this conference by going to the official website:

AYIMUN Conference, One of the Biggest Youth Conference in Asia

How AYIMUN works?

Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) is aimed to provide platform for youth to learn about diplomacy, critical thinking, public speaking, and the United Nations. The ultimate goal of MUN is to encourage youth to be aware of the international issue and to be able to speak you voice to solve the issue.

Besides solving world issue, you will also have opportunity to share your  deepest aspirations and inspire other youths of the world. What else? As an Agent of Change, you will feel the ambience of being a representative of a country and how the United Nations conference going. By those points, it is surely one of the best platform where you can improve your soft skills, networking, and knowledge.

What They Say about Attending AYIMUN?

What the alumni of AYIMUN said about their experience in AYIMUN?

“If one wish could come true, all I wanted was to go back to these marvellous days of me and AYIMUN. I want to thank you AYIMUN for giving me the best 3 days of my life…”

Arvind Goyal, India

“At AYIMUN 2018, I got more confidence..Events like this pushes me to discover what else I am capable to do…”

Marla Arreza, Philippines

Why AYIMUN 2019?

  • Has 17 council to be represented
  • 7 meeting sessions with 12 hours long total meeting session
  • 2500 delegates joined with various cultural background
  • A magnificent conference space of 135,000 sqm convention center
  • Prestigious diplomatic dinner
  • Awesome inspiring speakers

What will you get?

  • International networking
  • Learn problem solving on the spot
  • Improve your public speaking skill
  • Get inspired by Youth Leaders around the world
  • Unforgettable experience

When will it be?

You will spend 3 days of international networking experience in Putra Jaya, Malaysia on 25th August – 28th August 2019. Surely, this will be one of the best opportunity for youth that wants to experience unforgettable experience by meeting a lot of new friends, and building international networking.

Last but not least, this is not just your USUAL conference. since there will be section of cultural performance, public speaking, debates, and a lot of exciting things awaits for those who are ready to prepare better future and contribute to make a change to the world. Learn more about AYIMUN here:

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    Thank you so much for everything, in addition i would be very happy if you select me as a member of MUN, furthermore i will try my best what i can do , and will show you my talent and capacity that i have.

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