International Global Network

Join our Marketing Analyst &
Research Development Team:

A Chance to Travel Abroad and
Join Prestigious International Events for Free!

Who are we?

Since 2016, International Global Network (IGN) has established several big platforms for Youths all around the world to gather, build networking, while having fun and learn things together which breaks the limitation of time and place.

As a company, IGN strives to realize a vision “Connecting Youth Leader to the World”. We have successfully held several big international programs, mainly for youths or students aged 17-25.

They are, for example: Asia World Model United Nations (Asia World MUN), Bali International Model United Nations (BAIMUN), and YOUTEX – Youth Excursion where we gather Youths from around the world to know each other, learn, and have a great time networking together.

Finding the Right People

To achieve our vision, we realize we cannot do it alone. IGN knows well the importance of building a Great Team to pursue that vision.

Therefore, we open up this opportunity to you. A group of motivated and capable individuals that will join us in Marketing Analyst & Research Development Team.


  1. Get Mentorship from Marketing & Research Professional from IGN.
  2. A chance to learn from online or offline modules.
  3. Get the real experience of marketing research on the field.
  4. Get certificate
  5. Get income source every month.
  6. A chance to join our event for free by recommending and getting at least 50 participants.
  7. Flexible working hours and places.
  8. Better Resume or CV to be written in the future!

Sounds Interesting, right? We know that you want this opportunity as much as we do. But unfortunately, we can only give this opportunity to limited numbers of College Students for now.

One more thing: Since we share this information to more than 1000 College Students, we recommend you to apply it right now or it will be lost in a matter of days. Click the button below to take your opportunity now and you can also share it with your friends, for sure!