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  1. What is International Global Network?

    International Global Network (IGN) is an organization engaged in youth development programs. Established with the aim of bringing together youth across the globe to cooperate with each other in business, technical, cultural, and social movements. IGN has consistently put effort to promote our cause "Connecting Dreams".

  2. Is there a selection procedure for IGN ambassadors?

    There will be a screening process after your registration, please read the requirements to join on our main page.

  3. What are my tasks as IGN Ambassador?

    In short, you need to promote various IGN Programs on social media or among your friends and bring referrals / paid participants. On the basis of your number of referrals, you will receive a lot of benefits at the end of your journey as written on the main page.

  4. What is a referral or paid participants?

    Referral or Paid registration is someone who:

    • Registers using your referral code or via your referral link AND
    • Pay to attend the conference or programs
    • Only people who pay are counted as referrals
  5. Where can I get my referral code and referral link?

    You can see your referral code in your announcement email that will be sent in 3 days after your registration.

  6. How can I bring paid referrals?

    You can bring referrals via:

    • Informing your friends, and colleagues about the benefits of joining our programs, we will share the proposal for each program so you can get to know more about every benefit of each program
    • Share information about IGN Programs on various social media channels and groups
    • Share information about IGN Programs among your university or school groups etc.

    When people put your referral code in the registration form and pay for the programs they will be counted as your referral.

  7. Can I register myself and use my own referral?

    Yes, you can participate yourself and it will be counted as a referral. You need to register and put your referral code in the referral code section.

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