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Mister Earth Philippines
Title Holder Year 2019-2020
from Laurel, Batangas, Philippines

Mister Earth Philippines Title Holder Year 2019-2020 From Laurel, Batangas, Philippines

Promise to himslef…

Rabin Canuzo was just your ordinary graphic artist, he lives and work beside Lake Taal in Batangas, Philippines. He has always been close to nature and it has taught him how important it is to conserve it. Now, his childhood lake is suffering from pollution. He made a promise to himself that he will not just stand there and do nothing about it. He started to build his advocacies by joining conferences, seminars, and groups that has given him the opportunity to learn and develop his skills in the field of becoming an environmental advocate.

Working closely with a lot of amazing people…

Along the way he met a lot of amazing people like Ms. Antoinette Cherish Taus who is now the UN Environment Programmes’s first National Goodwill Ambassador of the Philippines. She has greatly influenced Rabin in advocating for the Global Goals and she’s also one of the reasons why he applied to join the GGMUN 3.0 in Thailand. Together they are working closely in monthly coastal clean-ups and feeding programs under the organisation Planet Cora. Rabin went the extra mile for his advocacies by competing for Mister Earth Philippines, for him this is not just a pageant but a job that he has been preparing for as an aspiring environmentalist.

Environment project
Mr. Eearth Philippines…

The competition wasn’t easy, the candidates where required to conduct an environmental project that will run during the pageant journey and it will be presented to a panellist. Rabin did a project about introducing sustainable products as alternatives to daily items made from single-use plastics like straws and toiletries that comes in sachets. It aims to lessen plastic pollution in vulnerable areas like beaches and lakes.

The project was applied in a resort, and eventually he won the project and has given him a lead to the competition and securing his win as the Mister Earth Philippines, of 2019. Since then, he has been making the best out his platform by using his talent with arts and speaking engagements as a form of communication in spreading his advocacies about Climate Change, Ocean Pollution, and education about HIV and AIDS.
Global Goals MUN help me improved …

“Global Goals Model United Nations was an unforgettable experience, it has helped me improved my communication skills and confidence in addressing issues and solutions on a global scale. Not only I learned a lot about the 17 Global Goals but also I gained new friends from around the world that I will treasure forever.“ – Rabin F. Canuzo / Mister Earth Philippines Title Holder

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