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International Global Network believes that every person deserves the opportunity to learn with global exposure in this advanced world. We create opportunities for everyone so they can grow and have the motivation to be the future leader

With the mission of “Connecting youth leaders to the world” we always strive to innovate various programs as strategic platforms for youth to develop, explore, and create changes to make the world a better place

Our Programs


Our Commitment in “connecting youth leaders to the world” began in this program. This program features an excursion concept, so youth can learn and develop through direct experience.

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K-ICE (Korea – International Culture and Education) is a program created by International Global Network which focuses on culture and education to support youth development in a globalized world. K-ICE delegates are meant to enhance their full potentials in this program by discussing and exchanging ideas to solve sociocultural and educational problems, while building connection with other delegates.

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Asia Student Summit

Asia Student Summit is Created to give knowledge about social issues, educational system and study abroad especially within the Asia region. This program enhances more understanding and knowledge about Asia Society so that the participants can get insight of what they need to do as a part of Asia entity.

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This program is organized for youth who care about the future of their environment and have intentions to put a concrete effort in preserving the nature. Young leaders with the same passion in environmental issues will be united in this program. Through this program, the young leaders are expected to collaborate in creating projects to solve environmental problems and preserve the nature in their community.

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Create synergy between countries through youth community and exchange in order to improve competitiveness and market penetration for economic advancement among nations.

Enhance learning opportunities for youth so they can gain new inspirations and perspectives from international student communities.

Preserve regional culture and present them to the world through youth exchange forums.

Create positive impact for people through the programs in various locations in the world.

You are young. You are free. And you only live once.

Make the most of your time. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. It’s time to explore, discover the world and unleash your true potentials. Create a new chapter in your life and start your journey with us.​


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