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A Tour of Thai Street Food Snacks

There is many things that Thailand is famous for, being dirt-cheap, rich in cultural as well as natural attractions, and definitely having delicious food everywhere you go. Thai people love their food, and are definitely proud of it. For good reasons, Thai food is incredibly popular all over the world.

The beauty of Thai food lies in its variety in flavors. They can be incredibly friendly to first timers or even downright adventurous. Thailand is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, making their cuisine rich in ingredients from land and sea. When you walk down the streets of Thailand, you will undoubtedly be met with street food carts selling the most colorful dishes you have never seen with an equally appetizing aroma.

Now, how about we get to know some of them further for your next trip?

Assorted Grilled Meats


This one is hard to miss. From the mouthwatering smell of juicy, grilled meat to heavy smoke from the grill, grilled meats are an absolute staple when it comes to Thai street food. Pork skewers are absolutely beloved by many, and so are the grilled chicken, and even squid marinated in what is mostly a mixture of soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, and sugar for that interesting kick!

Spring Rolls


Spring rolls in Thailand come in two versions: fried and fresh. The latter being healthier than the former. The filling can be anything from glass noodles, to vegetables, or meat. Normally served with a dipping sauce that is sweet and spicy. The seller will cut the spring rolls into smaller pieces that you later eat with bamboo skewers.

Fish Cake


An absolute delicacy you can not miss! Fish cakes in Thailand are incredibly flavorful as they are not just plain fish patties, but are mixed with red curry paste and snake beans. Resulting in the deep fried golden goodness it is dipped in glorious sticky sweet and spicy sauce.

Thai Crepe


This snacks are as pretty as they are tasty. The crepe made from flour, egg, and sugar is later topped with meringue-like cream that melts in your mouth.

Cut Fruits and Fruit Juice


Thailand can be insanely hot during dry season. Don’t let the sun stop you from exploring! Street food vendors await you in every corner, selling an assortment of cut food such as mangoes, papaya, and watermelons with a unique dipping made from salt, chili flakes, and sugar.

Undoubtedly, a unique burst of flavor in your mouth! Additionally, they would also carry bottles of pre-made juices such as pomegranate or orange which are a real life saver on those scorching hot days.

Please be aware that many Thai dishes are made from pork which may be against certain beliefs and almost certainly are spicy. It would come in incredibly handy if you could learn the term for both before heading out for food. If you have food restrictions, here is some phrases that could help you:

  1. Don’t add/don’t put in _____ = Mai sai _____ 
  2. Chilli = Prik
  3. Pork = Moo
  4. Takeaway = Glup baan
  5. Milk = Nom
  6. Chicken = Gai
  7. Beef = Neuh-wua

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